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Exploring the Reliability of Spiritual Intelligence Self Report Inventory for Brunei’s Teachers: A Pilot Study
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Spiritual intelligence (SQ) promotes better health behaviour and quality of life. At work, those with a higher level of spirituality live longer, happier, satisfied with their job, and more productive lives. In the pursuit of holistic education, the role of SQ in shaping teachers’ well-being and effectiveness has gained recognition worldwide. However, evaluating the reliability and validity of assessment instruments within specific cultural contexts is essential. The researcher delves into a pilot study conducted in Brunei in this article. It focuses on the reliability of a Spiritual Intelligence Self-Report Inventory Instrument (SISRI-24) developed by King (2008) and tailored to Brunei's teachers. The scale was initially developed and validated in Canada. The pilot study employed quantitative data collection and data analysis. A sample of 116 teachers from various schools in Brunei voluntarily participated in the study. According to the results, the overall reliability value was 0.832. Based on these findings, the SISRI-24 questionnaires have a high-reliability level. It is suitable to use among teachers in Brunei.

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    . Hajah Siti Rafidah Binti Haji Md Said