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The Effect of Workforce Diversity on Job Performance among Private Sector Employees in Malaysia
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Workforce diversity has been gaining concern from organizations worldwide, as it is viewed as the foundation for innovation and creativity that can result in positive organizational outcomes such as excellent job performance. Therefore, the present study aimed to examine the effect of workforce diversity (gender, age, ethnic and educational background diversity) on job performance among private sector employees in Malaysia. Workforce Diversity Scale (WDS) and Individual Work Performance Questionnaire (IWPQ) were used in the study. Data were collected using Google Form. Snowball sampling technique was applied in this quantitative cross-sectional study to recruit 260 private sector servants age 20 years old and above with at least one year work experience. Data analysis showed that all workforce diversity variables (gender, age and educational diversity) except for ethnic diversity significantly predicted job performance. Results indicated that it is essential for organizations to value the diversity among workforce and implement effective diversity management practices to ensure positive organizational outcomes.

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    . Wong Ying Huan