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Generalized Anxiety Among University Students
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Generalized anxiety disorder is an ongoing mental health disorder that gives rise to fear, continuous feeling of being overly concerned about everything in everyday life. The prevalence of generalized anxiety problems in youngsters who enrolled in university and colleges is quite higher among other adults. In terms of gender differences, females are twice or thrice as likely as males to experience generalized anxiety disorder. Thus, this study is carried out to determine GAD level among university students, to compare levels of GAD between male and female, as well as to determine correlation between generalized anxiety and CGPA. A total of 399 respondents participated in this study with 212 female and 187 male respondents. The data for this study is collected by using Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 scale. The results of this study revealed that generalized anxiety score is found high among female students compared to male students. Moreover, generalized anxiety negatively correlates with CGPA of students. In conclusion, GAD-7 score in this population is high in female students than in male students and there is a significant negative correlation between CGPA and generalized anxiety score. With this finding, parents, teachers, counsellors and other mental health professionals can hopefully have better insights regarding the likelihood of GAD among university students in terms of gender differences and academic performance.

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    . Nireisha Durai Raju